Fill out the application to apply as a youth delegate to represent your country at the Human Rights Summit 2024 in New York City!

The application is divided into sections, and each section must be completed in full before you will be able to submit your application.


  • APPLICANT PROFILE - You will submit basic information about yourself including contact information and social media accounts. (Minors will need to provide contact information for a Parent or Guardian)
  • APPLICANT PHOTO - You will need to upload one professional portrait (headshot) of yourself
  • ORGANIZATION - If you are applying through an organization, you will enter information about the organization and one contact person at this organization
  • TRAVEL INFO - You will provide details about your passport and travel visa (if traveling from outside the US) or details about your government-issued ID required to enter the UN (if traveling from within the US). If a sponsor will be funding your trip, you will enter their information.
  • ESSAY - You will provide a 300-word essay regarding your participation in human rights activities and how you have used the United / Youth for Human Rights campaign materials in your activities.
  • LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION - You will upload pictures of two character reference letters (from people who are not your family members).
  • ACTIVITY PHOTOS - You will upload 10 photos showing you in action at different human rights events or activities. (along with a brief caption that summarizes the photo).

Once you have completed all sections of the application, a "Finalize and Submit" button will appear allowing you to submit the application. This button does not appear until all sections have been completed in full.

If you run into any difficulty or have questions, please submit a Support Ticket through the Helpdesk!

We look forward to receiving your application!